Welcome to Dominic Chan Headshots. We hope this policy will guide you to a successful shoot. Prior your session, please carefully review our policy.

How do I book a session? 

  • You can book a session with us in two ways:

A) $50 Deposit - a required $50 deposit to secure your spot, several days before your session. You may pay the remaining balance at the start of your session. We accept payments through cash, cheque, e-transfer or Paypal. For e-transfer and Paypal, payments can be made to

B)   Full payment at Online Booking - you may purchase any of our packages offered under our section, Book Now

Once you've made a purchase, that will secure your spot and you may schedule a shoot with us anytime. Payments may be made online through e-transfer, Paypal or purchase on our website. For e-transfer and Paypal, payments can be made to A copy of receipt will be provided. 

What happens after I've paid? 

  • Once we've processed your payment, you will receive an email from us, within 24 hours, providing you details of your upcoming shoot! Excited, we are! To make sure things run smoothly, you will asked of your availability and we will schedule your shoot accordingly. Please make sure to check your emails for the latest updates!

Editing Requests Time Frame

You have up til 3 weeks (from the day you receive your gallery) to may select your photos for editing. After 3 weeks review period, I will automatically select the included number of retouched phtoos for you and I will edit them.

Retouched Requests Time Frame

After you have received your retouched photos from me, you will have up to 3 weeks (from the day you received the download link to your retouched photos) to make any requests for changes in the editing. After 3 weeks is finished, any additional editing requests on the photos will be considered an extra edit and will require an editing fee. I will deliver the retouched photos the next day after you’ve informed me of your choices.

What are your photographer rights?

  • We understand viewing your latest headshots can be very exciting and often you would like to share your photos with your friends and family. An un-retouched photo is considered an “unfinished piece.” Once they have been retouched, you may use them as you wish. We kindly recommend to credit the photographer. For sharing on social media or on any websites, please include DOMINIC CHAN HEADSHOTS as credit.

What am I paying for? 

  • What you’re paying for is the service of taking your headshots and putting your photos in an online gallery for viewing/section and for a number of photos included in your package for retouching.

What happens on the day of my shoot? 

  • On the day of your shoot, please arrive on the time you are scheduled. We make our schedule in a manner that assumes our clients will respect our time and it doesn’t allow more than a 10 minute ‘waiting period’. If you are late, please let us know and we may be happy to adjust your session. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notice, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment. No shows without notice will not be rescheduled nor will there be refunds.

Technical formats of the unedited and retouched photos?

  • Unedited photos will be delivered with watermark in JPEG format, 300DPI, 1 MB (per photo) with either 3840 x 5760 or 5760 x 3840 dimensions in a private online gallery provided on email. Retouched photos will be delivered in high resolution 300DPI, 15 MB (per photo) with either 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 8.5 dimensions in private online gallery provided on email.

Outfits. What to wear?

  • Please bring, at minimum, three contrasting outfits. Keep them simple, avoid lint/dirt and clothing with logo. If possible, have your clothes neatly enclosed in a plastic bag with hangers. We encourage you to bring accessories, including jewelry – we are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings. Remember, your choices of outfits depict you. It’s always safe to bring more than you can wear. Do not bring any neon coloured clothes. We take your choice of outfits seriously and if you do not bring proper wear to your shoot, you will be sent home.

What about Makeup & Hair

  • We highly recommend makeup & hair. The best kind of makeup are ones that are invisible and out of the way. Currently we offer a makeup and hair stylist with our packages which you can purchase them here. You can add the package to any of our headshots. Clients are more than welcomed to seek a makeup artist/hair stylist to assist their shoot. Time will be taken into consideration if client wishes to do makeup/hair at our studio during their photo session. Clients must inform photographers ahead of time if they are bringing a makeup artist/hair stylist to their shoot.

  • WOMEN - Do not wear any or heavy makeup. Makeup should be subtle or invisible at best. Hair should be neat and tidy. Please bring a comb to your shoot.

  • MEN - Makeup should be invisible. Come to the shoot clean shaven. Nothing messy; all neat and tidy. Please bring a comb and/or styling gel to your shoot.

Does the makeup artist/hair stylist stay for the entire shoot?

  • The makeup artist/hair stylist will be there from start to end applying makeup and hair. They will stay behind for a few minutes to ensure quality of makeup and hair is on point at the start of the photoshoot session. They will not be required to stay for the entire shoot unless if they choose to do so. However if you wish for the artist to stay behind for the entire shoot, there will be an hourly rate charged by the artist at their discretion.

What happens after my photoshoot?

  • We will provide you a secure online folder of your images. These images are for viewing and selection purposes only.

  • Once you have received a link to your photos, you can select your favorite images and notify us which photo you like to be edited. Please provide us a follow up email with a short description of the photo so we may know which exact image you would like to edit. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing time unless you have made previous arrangements to meet specific deadlines. When your retouched images are complete, you will be sent an email with a link to your images. This link will allow you to download your images. Once you’ve downloaded the images, feel free to do whatever you like with them. If you would like additional photos retouched other than those included in your package, we would be happy to edit them at $25.00 per photo. Payment of additional retouches must be paid first, prior delivery of product.

You have client rewards? 

  • Dominic Chan Headshots is excited to reward our clients with a referral bonus system. For every friend you refer that books a session, you will receive 2 extra looks to your file. You may use this on your next regular priced photo shoot. This referral credit does not expire until you use it.

What is your refund, exchange and cancellation policy? 

  • If clients are not satisfied with their photos, they are more than welcome to discuss with the photographer and he will evaluate according to the situation. Notice of postponement/cancellation must be given seven business days prior the shoot. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if there is no notice. If you have purchased a package and want to switch to another, please contact us via email. We will exchange or refund the remaining difference and product for the other. We do accept exchanges of packages for another client. If you had purchased a package from us and wished to use this for your friend, family or colleague, simply notify us via email and we will be more than happy to do so. If you are not satisfied with your final images, you are welcome to notify us and we will do our best to help you achieve your results. If we evaluate and find an error in the images, we will be happy to fix the images or re-shoot at our discretion, depending on the situation. There are no refunds.

Oh no, weather looks terrible today! Should I cancel? 

  • We shoot half in studio, and half of our headshots outdoor. If weather is deplorable, we will shoot indoors or notify you a head of time via email or phone to postpone the shoot to a later date. We will cancel only to bad weather including heavy pouring rain, dangerous windy conditions, snow, natural disasters, etc. For best communication, we will notify you of any postponements in 48 hours range prior your shoot via email or phone.

I LOVE your headshots! My friends and I want to do a group session - how do we set that up? 

  • Awesome! Send us an email at and we'll cater to your custom needs! Include in your email your needs, priorities, when you would like to shoot and how many people included. Group sessions include great value for discounted prices and its more fun than individual sessions.

Do you shoot on location? 

  • Yes we do! A travel fee is included for locations outside Vancouver.

Where is the studio located?

  • Yay! You read till the end. The studio is located at 145 W Woodstock Avenue, Vancouver. Once you’ve arrived, please press once to buzz. Parking is available on Woodstock Ave. Our office phone number if needed upon arrive is 604-700-3050.

Already paid? 

Once we've processed your payment, you will receive an email from us, within 24 hours, providing you details of your upcoming shoot! Excited, we are! To make sure things run smoothly, you will asked of your availability and we will schedule your shoot accordingly. Please make sure to check your emails for the latest updates!

Travel Policy

For any photoshoots outside of my studio, there is a travel expense policy. There will be an hourly charge of $30 an hour plus any parking expenses and gas milage expense. For gas mileage expense, each KM from my studio is priced at $0.50 per KM.

Returns & Exchanges

All packages do not expire until usage of voucher on the shooting day. Customers can use their package vouchers for themselves or as a gift for another client. If you are not satisfied with the final product, you can inform us of your issue by contacting us at No refunds. 

Cancellations after booking confirmation will not be refunded. Clients are entitled to a free first time reschedule shoot by the client or the photographer. After the first rescheduling of the shoot, if the client wishes to reschedule for the second time, there is a cancellation fee of $50.

Don’t forget…Have a great shoot!