Why Dominic Chan Headshots?

1 Hour Photo Delivery

You read that right! 1 Hour Photo Delivery right after your shooting session. Available in an online private (and secure) gallery - sent to your email. No fragile CDs as a bonus. 


Quality at Best Rates

Don't compromise quality with expensive rates! Get the best of the best with our well crafted packages and see what works for you. Check out what we got under Book Now. 


Lightly Retouched

No Barbies, No Kens - just the real you. We keep our headshots as authentic as possible. You can count on us; we want to keep your integrity as accurate as possible. 

Why Headshots? 

As technology expands, the importance of an online presence are crucial to personal and professional growth. Just like your favourite products, visual branding provides us impressions of the person or business. With headshots, you can show off your personality and bring a face to your brand - setting you apart from your competitors.  

Your Goals Matter

Businessman, real estates agent, filmmaker, actor, entertainer, artist. Whatever your career is, you achieving results matter. It's what sets you apart. It's the results when you get that million dollar business deal. It's the results, when you land that audition and book a major role. It's the results that keeps you going. At Dominic Chan Headshots, we believe in that too.

Why Dominic? 

Building a business can be hard. There can be so many factors one has no control over. At Dominic Chan Headshots, we understand the hurdles. With affordable rates, quality products and quick delivery, we aim to make your life a little easier. We want the images to assist you in achieving your personal and business goals


Think you're convinced? Down to shoot? Look no further. Click HERE to start booking and take a look at what package fits your needs. Got any questions? Contact us.